Central Manager - Delegated User Access

Introduce the ability to 'delegate' access to cPanel accounts for particular 'sub-users' within the Brixly Client Area.

For example, sub-contact 'John Smith' is a web designer, who should only have access to 5 cPanel accounts, but not all accounts under the WHM.

Currently, that contact would either need to be provided WHM access (which opens their access to all accounts), or would need to be provided access to those individual cPanel accounts separately (which would typically involve sharing credentials for the cPanel account).

It would be beneficial, if there was an interface within Brixly, that allowed you to define specific access rules for a particular sub-user.

By default, all sub-account users would have access to all accounts through the Central Manager interface. However, it should be possible to then define a restricted set of accounts (via checkboxes / lists), that states that contact can only access certain accounts.

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over 1 year ago



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