Feature Request


We have offered LSMCD as part of our hosting services for the past few years. However, the LSMCD service is a fork of 'Memcached', which utilises SASL for authentication, and has, in all honesty, been problematic!

The issue is upstream, and whilst we have pestered Litespeed for a permanent solution to the SASL issues, these are yet to be provided!

As such, we are incredibly pleased to finally announce the long-awaited release of Redis, our custom-built cPanel plugin, which provides comparable functionality with full compatibility with the LSCache plugin, but without the need for SASL / authentication.

In addition, the Redis instance is created 'within' the cPanel user via a custom socket, which means the environment remains secure and retained within the LVE constraints of your cPanel user account.

We have added an article on how to set this up here...

How to install Redis for LSCache:

The first thing to do is to navigate to Redis in cPanel:




Once within the Redis tool, enable it for your account:




Once enabled, copy the Redis socket path, as we will need this later! You can always return to this screen if you need to view this again.


Now we need to enable the Redis extension; this is allowed under cPanel -> Select PHP Version -> Extensions -> Redis




Once enabled, we can log in to WordPress and access the LiteSpeed Cache.


Under Cache -> Object, we can find the settings for enabling Redis:




The settings we need to enable here are:

  • Change Object Cache from Off to On

  • Switch Method to Redis

  • Set the Host to be the socket path noted down earlier

  • Change port to 0

Once done, hit save, and the Redis cache should be ready!

January 9th 2023



Introducing LSCache Presets for WordPress: the easiest way to optimize your WordPress site using the Litespeed Cache plugin.

Litespeed Cache Presets are a pre-tuned set of options, which can be used for optimizing any WordPress site using Litespeed Cache. You can configure your ideal level of optimization with just a few clicks!

LSCache Presets for WordPress

All servers have now been updated to the latest version of Litespeed, allowing support for the new functionality.

In the WordPress Dashboard, you can find Presets under the LiteSpeed Cache menu.

If you don’t see it, make sure you’re using v5.3 or higher of the plugin.

January 6th 2023


Feature Request


Some key details are sent in a welcome email when you sign up for a reseller service. However, those details were previously unclear from within the client area, and the feedback received was that the information was difficult to find.

As such, we have made changes to improve the user experience, simplifying access to critical details about your hosting plan.

We have now added a 'View Account / Server Details' tab on the Product Detail page...

When clicking this button, a list of crucial information will be provided in a clean, simple and intuitive table...

We hope you find the change helpful, however, if you have any suggestions feel free to let us know!

January 5th 2023


Feature Request

As requested through our feedback site, we now display the account details which a Resource Boost+ is associated with directly from the 'Services -> List Services' page.

December 1st 2022

Price Change

We have removed a number of domain extensions from our services, as they are no longer available upstream from our suppliers.

In addition, selected TLDs have had their pricing changed in line with our supplier's recent pricing revisions. Many extensions have reduced in cost, whereas some may have increased.

For a number of the most common TLDs, such as .com and UK-based domains, we have kept the pricing the same as before.

You can review our domain pricing list here...

We have also introduced the ability to register domain names for up to 10 years, whereas some previously were only available for 1-2 years.

If you are a reseller, then a list of our domain pricing can be found here...

Client Area -> Reseller Tools -> Domain Pricing

You will also be able to dump an export of all extensions and their pricing.

November 25th 2022

Price Change

We have updated our cPanel Licencing prices for VPS and dedicated servers inline with the upstream changes in pricing by cPanel, introduced in October 2022.

The pricing can be found on the article above, and will be applicable only to VPS or dedicated server clients.

November 15th 2022


We have now added a new server in our Singapore location, which is ready for new orders!

November 4th 2022



Feature Request


Want to schedule your clients' migrations late at night, or during the weekend? This is now possible using our Migration Center!

First, select the accounts you wish to migrate / schedule using the usual interface. Whilst you are still able to initiate a migration immediately, the new option 'Schedule Migration' will now present the following screen...

Once the date and time have been selected, click 'Schedule Migration' - that's it!

The migration will now show as queued in the Migration Center, along with details of the schedule. In addition, you are able to cancel the migration from the queue if you need to make any changes!

Once the migration completes, you will be able to view the full logs of the migration!

We hope you love the new functionality as much as we do!

Did you know? You are able to migrate your entire reseller account from your existing provider in one go?!

October 21st 2022




Our Migration Centre is one of our most loved assets, and it's just got even better!

Performance Changes:

We have added some essential changes to the database structure behind the Migration Centre, including some indexing which has significantly improved the loading speed of the interface.

Pagination and Search:

We have now improved the UI of the migrations overview, which now shows the previous migration attempts in a much more 'logical' structure.

We understand that some resellers use our Migration Center every day, and previously the migrations were displayed in a single list.

We have now added pagination and searching to the grid...


We have changed the icons that were displayed in the list / grid.

Improved Logs with Error Highlighting:

It's now possible to view the logs for your migration without leaving the page! We instead now show a modal window with your logs displayed clearly, and with highlighting to indicate any errors...

Improved Email Migration Process:

We have given our Email Migration a much needed overhaul, with some improvements to the UI and its core functionality.

When you select to 'Begin Migration', you will now be provided a prompt / modal that tests the connection to the old and new email servers...

It's now also possible to see the Source and Destination details within the initial migration list...

The 'View Logs' option also highlights any issues or errors during the sync process...

Resync Migration:

This much requested feature is now finally available!

If you have migrated your emails using our migration center from your old provider, to your new provider, you will now have an option to 'Resync' the emails at a later date rather than having to go through the migration process again...

You will be given a prompt with some additional information before you can proceed...

We hope you love the changes as much as we do! We look forward to bringing you more exciting changes and updates in the near future!

October 14th 2022



Feature Request

Since the Brixly Workspace product was released, the solution was controlled via our client area which limited the ability to allow resellers to sell the Workspace range of products.

Due to popular demand through our feedback portal, we have been working on making our Brixly Workspace product more 'self-contained', so that control panel access could be provided to end users directly.

We have now done this, by implementing some key changes and introductions to the cPanel interface for the accounts created through Workspace.

The first notable change is the fact that the end users will now be able to access the cPanel account directly.

On the right-hand column, we have also added some key details, such as connection information and DNS requirements so that these are visible to the end user of the service.

We have now also added the range of Workspace products to our Elite module, allowing you to resell the services directly to your clients via WHMCS.

All purchases via the Elite module / API will automatically include a 30% reseller discount.

For more information on our Elite module, see the following article...

October 10th 2022

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