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February 11th 2024

We are thrilled to announce the release of 'Webuzo' as a one-click installer for our cloud servers! Webuzo is an all-in-one web hosting control panel that helps you manage a cloud server effortlessly.

It's an excellent alternative to cPanel, offering much of the same functionality at a fraction of the cost. With licensing prices starting from just $2.50 for a single user and going up to $25 for unlimited users, Webuzo is incredibly affordable.

The interface of Webuzo is designed to be very familiar to those who have used cPanel, making the transition smooth and intuitive. It provides a powerful, yet simple way to manage your websites, databases, emails, and more. Webuzo is perfect for those who want the control and flexibility of cPanel without the higher cost.

Clients can take advantage of Webuzo by provisioning a new Cloud Server from our Cloud Server portal, which is available with hourly billing for maximum flexibility. To get started, simply go to 'Manage Cloud Servers' in our client area and click on 'Add / Manage Cloud Servers'. When creating your server, you'll find Webuzo in the list of applications, alongside other server templates and applications such as cPanel and Plesk.

For those interested in exploring Webuzo before making a decision, a demo of the panel is available at And for detailed pricing information, please visit

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February 6th 2024



We're excited to announce an update to our Premium Hosting offerings designed to enhance clarity and ensure our clients can quickly identify the perfect hosting solution for their needs.

What's Changing?

Our premium hosting 'Agency' plan is now renamed to 'Platinum'. This change is part of our ongoing commitment to provide clear and straightforward services to our clients.

Why the Change?

We noticed that the name 'Agency' could potentially cause confusion with our premium reseller plans. To avoid this and to make our hosting plans more intuitive, we decided a new name was in order.

Introducing 'Platinum'

The 'Platinum' plan retains all the robust features and capabilities of the former 'Agency' plan, ensuring that our clients continue to enjoy the same high-quality service they expect from Brixly.

No Action Required

For our current 'Agency' plan clients, rest assured that this is only a change in name. Your hosting plan's features, pricing, and the exceptional support you receive from us remain unchanged.

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January 24th 2024



We're thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to our hosting services! As part of our commitment to providing exceptional value and cutting-edge tools, we have now included the SiteJet website builder in all our cPanel hosting plans, completely free of charge.

This integration is available across our range of cPanel based services, including shared hosting, premium hosting and reseller hosting plans.

What This Means for You:

  • Ease of Use: Create stunning websites effortlessly with SiteJet's intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

  • Rich Features: Benefit from over 140 professional templates, AI-powered text generation, and access to a vast library of free stock photos and videos.

  • SEO and Mobile Optimization: Build websites that are not only visually appealing but also optimized for search engines and mobile devices.

  • E-commerce Ready: With SiteJet, you can easily set up and manage online stores, making it perfect for businesses looking to expand their digital footprint.

  • No Additional Cost: This powerful website builder is now a standard feature in your hosting plan, offering you an enriched web development experience without any extra charges.

This integration exemplifies our dedication to empowering you with the best tools and services to succeed online. We believe SiteJet will significantly enhance your web presence, whether you're building sites for yourself or your clients.

Explore and Create: We encourage you to dive into SiteJet's rich features and discover how it can transform your web development process. As always, our support team is here to assist you with any questions or guidance you may need.

Thank you for choosing us as your hosting partner. We look forward to seeing the incredible websites you will create with SiteJet and cPanel!

Explore SiteJet for cPanel

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January 22nd 2024



We're excited to announce significant enhancements to our customer support system, a move aimed at revolutionizing the way we handle support tickets and deliver assistance to our valued clients.

Background: Evolving from a Knowledge-Based Approach

Previously, our support system was structured around a comprehensive array of 'support topics'. Each topic, upon selection, would offer relevant information and key articles from our knowledge base. This design was intended to encourage self-help and reduce the volume of repetitive queries. However, we noticed an unexpected trend: many of these categories were underutilized, leading to a gap in the self-guidance experience we envisioned for our clients.

Introducing AI-Driven Support

To address this and enhance our support system, we've made some pivotal changes:

  1. Refined Topic Selection: We've streamlined the number of topics, focusing on those most relevant and frequently used by our clients. This makes finding the right help faster and more intuitive.

  2. AI-Powered Assistance: The most exciting development is the integration of our proprietary artificial intelligence technology. This AI system comprehensively understands our entire knowledge base and is capable of providing customized, immediate responses to client inquiries.

    • Instant Assistance: The AI system offers on-the-spot help for a wide range of queries, dramatically improving response times.

    • Self-Resolution Capability: Since its recent implementation, we've observed an impressive number of support issues being resolved without the need for further agent intervention – a testament to the AI's effectiveness.

    • Context-Aware Capabilities: The AI has been developed to understand the selected domain, or service to ensure the responses provided are as accurate as possible. This includes knowing the difference between a DirectAdmin service, and a cPanel service to ensure the response is tailored accordingly.

Your Role in Enhancing AI Support

While our AI represents a significant leap forward, the quality of its assistance depends on the details provided in your queries:

  • Detailed Tickets: The more specific and detailed your ticket, the more accurate and helpful the AI's response will be.

  • Continuous Learning: Although our AI shows a high success rate, it's important to remember that it may not resolve every query. However, each interaction helps it learn and improve.

AI Demonstration

We have created a quick demo of the AI in action below...

Providing Feedback

If you have any feedback regarding the newly introduced AI-First Assistance, then feel free to let us know through a support ticket. Alternatively, you can post suggestions or feedback on our dedicated feedback portal, by going to 'Feature Requests' in the left-hand menu of our client area.

Looking Ahead: Ongoing Refinement and Industry Leadership

We're committed to continuously refining this AI-driven support system to further enhance your experience. Our goal is to stay at the forefront of the hosting industry, leading the way in AI-first, immediate response systems for a broad range of client issues and queries.

Stay tuned for more updates as we further improve our services. Your feedback is invaluable to us in this journey of innovation and customer service excellence.

Thank you for being a part of our community!

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January 20th 2024


Feature Request


We are excited to announce the addition of PHP versions 8.2 and 8.3 to the 'Select PHP Version' interface on all our cPanel and DirectAdmin servers. This significant update reflects our commitment to offering the latest technology advancements and performance improvements to our valued users.

New Features in PHP 8.2:

  1. Type System Enhancements: It now supports true, false, and null as standalone types, and Disjunctive Normal Form (DNF) types, allowing for more precise and expressive type declarations.

  2. Readonly Classes: Building on readonly properties from PHP 8.1, PHP 8.2 introduces readonly classes. In these classes, all properties are automatically readonly, enhancing immutability.

  3. New Random Extension: This refactors RNG functionality into a new extension, maintaining existing functions while adding an OOP API for more secure and testable applications.

  4. Constants in Traits: PHP 8.2 allows the declaration of constants in traits, which become class constants when a class uses the trait.

  5. Sensitive Parameter Value Redaction: A new built-in parameter attribute #[\SensitiveParameter] redacts sensitive information in stack traces and error messages.

  6. New Functions and Classes: There are several new functions and classes, such as ini_parse_quantity for parsing INI quantity values, curl_upkeep to maintain Curl connections, and openssl_cipher_key_length for cipher key length retrieval.

Additionally, PHP 8.2 deprecates certain features like dynamic properties, the utf8_encode and utf8_decode functions, and ${var} string interpolation.

New Features in PHP 8.3:

PHP 8.3 introduces several new features and changes. Key highlights include:

  1. Typed Class Constants: Allows type declarations for class constants.

  2. New Functions: Such as json_validate for JSON validation and mb_str_pad for string padding.

  3. Enhancements in Random Extension: New methods for floating-point number generation and byte extraction from strings.

  4. Dynamic Class Constant and Enum Member Fetch Support: Improves flexibility in class constant and enum member usage.

  5. New #[\Override] Attribute: Enforces method overriding checks.

  6. Additional GC Information in gc_status(): Offers more detailed garbage collection data.

  7. Granular DateTime Exceptions and changes in PHP extension class constants.

The release also deprecates certain functionalities like get_class() without arguments and aspects of the assert function. For comprehensive details, it is best to refer to the PHP 8.3 page on PHP.Watch.

Deprecated Features Notice:

It's important to note that with new versions come deprecations. We advise checking the official PHP documentation for a detailed list of deprecated features. This will help you in updating and preparing your applications for a smooth transition.

WordPress Performance Benchmarks:

  • Tested versions:Β WordPress 6.4.2 and 6.2.2.

  • Tested URL:Β /

  • Size: 84,257,000 bytes (WordPress 6.4.2); 52,684,000 bytes (WordPress 6.2.2).

  • Results for WordPress 6.4.2:

    • PHP 7.4: 149 res/s.

    • PHP 8.1: 153 req/s.

    • PHP 8.2: 158 req/s.

    • PHP 8.3: 169 req/s.

  • Results for WordPress 6.2.2:

    • PHP 7.4: 147 res/s.

    • PHP 8.1: 151 req/s.

    • PHP 8.2: 153 req/s.

    • PHP 8.3: 165 req/s.

How do I change my PHP Version?

To change the PHP version of a site using the 'Select PHP Version' screen in cPanel or DirectAdmin, follow these steps:

  1. Log into cPanel or DirectAdmin: Use your credentials to access the hosting control panel.

  2. Navigate to PHP Version Selector: Look for the 'Select PHP Version' or similar option.

  3. Select the Domain: If you have multiple domains, choose the one you want to change the PHP version for.

  4. Choose the PHP Version: Select the new PHP version (e.g., PHP 8.2 or 8.3) from the list.

  5. Apply Changes: Save or apply the changes to update the PHP version for the selected domain.

It's crucial to test your website for compatibility with the new PHP version, and if you encounter any errors you are also able to revert to the previous version in use.

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January 11th 2024

We are excited to announce several significant updates to our support system, aimed at enhancing user experience and efficiency. These changes are now live and available for all clients.

  1. Introduction of Summernote Editor: We have replaced the TinyMCE Editor with Summernote, a more advanced and open-source editor. This change is designed to provide a smoother and more intuitive editing experience for our clients when using our support system.

  2. Enhanced File and Image Handling: In a major upgrade to our file management capabilities, any files or images uploaded or pasted into the Summernote Editor are now automatically uploaded to secure storage located in London. This integration ensures a seamless display of media within the editor, enhancing the overall user interaction.

  3. Improved Media Upload Process: Previously, adding media to our support system involved using an 'add media' button that uploaded content to a third-party service. Our new system not only simplifies this process but also enhances security and control over the uploaded media. Its also now possible to 'paste' images or screenshots directly into the editor!

  4. Upgraded Client Response Feature: We have also revamped the client response section on ticket pages. Where clients previously had to reply using a plain text box, they can now enjoy the full functionality of the Summernote Editor. This enhancement allows for a richer text format and a more expressive way of communication.

  5. Expanded File Attachment Support: Addressing client feedback, we have expanded the types of file extensions that can be securely attached to tickets. Clients can now upload a wider variety of files, including ZIP archives, without the previous restrictions. This change is aimed at providing greater flexibility and convenience in sharing necessary files.

  6. New Features in the Editor: We have integrated links to directly within the editor for enhanced video communication. Additionally, a new 'code' button has been added, enabling the insertion of 'pre' tags into the content. This feature is particularly useful for clients who need to share code snippets or technical information.

We believe these updates will significantly improve the functionality and user experience of our support system. We encourage all clients to explore these new features and provide feedback for continuous improvement.

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January 10th 2024



We are thrilled to announce a comprehensive overhaul of our 'Domain Diagnostics' feature, now accessible through the Brixly Central Manager in the client area. Our focus on innovation and customer convenience has led to this significant upgrade, aiming to enhance your experience and efficiency.

What's New?

  1. Automated Pre-Diagnosis Checks: Whenever you raise a support ticket, our system now performs an automated pre-diagnosis on your selected domain. This proactive approach allows you to identify potential issues or errors quickly, reducing wait times for support responses.

  2. Enhanced Ticket Support: Details from the automated checks are automatically attached to your ticket, providing our support team with immediate, comprehensive insights to assist you more effectively.

  3. In-Depth Diagnostics: The revamp enables thorough diagnostics across multiple aspects of your domain, ensuring a more robust and detailed analysis. The key areas include:

    • DNS Checks: Verifying nameserver configurations and ensuring your domain points to the correct IP address.

    • Mail Configuration: Assessing Email Routing, MX Records, SPF records, and more for optimal email functionality.

    • SSL Certificate Verification: Checking for a valid SSL certificate and verifying HTTP to HTTPS redirection.

    • Suspension Status: Providing information on account suspension status and reasons, if any.

    • WHOIS Data Analysis: Conducting WHOIS lookups to gather detailed domain registration data, including expiry dates and domain status.

    • Response Code Verification: Ensuring your site returns a correct 200 response code upon access.

    • Malware Status Check: Examining the account's automated cleanup history and detailing detected and cleaned files.

    • Disk Quota Monitoring: Checking if the account adheres to storage limits.

    • Resource Usage Assessment: Evaluating LVE/resource limits and identifying timestamps of any faults.

    • PHP Version Insights: Providing information on current PHP settings, including the version and other configurations.

    • Litespeed Cache Analysis: Determining the presence and functionality of Litespeed Cache on your site, including cache hits.

We believe these enhancements will significantly improve your ability to manage and diagnose domain-related issues swiftly and efficiently.

Get Started Now!

Log in to your Brixly client area and explore the revamped 'Domain Diagnostics' feature today. Experience the power of advanced diagnostics at your fingertips!

For any questions or assistance, our support team is always here to help.

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December 29th 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Brixly has once again secured a prestigious position in the TemplateMonster Awards, clinching second place among nearly 40 of the world's leading hosting brands. This remarkable achievement marks our second consecutive year of excellence in the highly competitive WordPress hosting category.

The TemplateMonster Awards, renowned for recognizing outstanding performance in the web hosting industry, saw Brixly emerge as a top contender, securing 15% of the total votes. This accolade is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional hosting services and our continuous efforts to innovate and excel in a dynamic industry.

Our journey to this achievement was not a solitary one. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal customers and dedicated team, whose support and hard work have been instrumental in reaching this milestone. Your trust and belief in our services motivate us to strive for even greater heights.

As we celebrate this momentous occasion, we reaffirm our dedication to delivering world-leading hosting solutions. We are inspired to continue enhancing our services, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the hosting industry.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Here's to continued success and many more achievements in the future!

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October 24th 2023

We are pleased to inform our valued cPanel clients that we have enhanced our malware protection processes. While we have always offered Imunify360 for top-notch security and JetBackup for reliable backups, we've now integrated these solutions to work in tandem for an even more robust malware protection strategy.


  • Enhanced Malware Cleanup Process:

    • Previous Behavior: In the event of malware detection on our cPanel servers, Imunify360 would attempt to clean the infected file. If the cleanup was unsuccessful, the file would be removed.

    • New Behavior: With the recent integration, if any files are detected as infected on our cPanel servers, they will now be automatically restored from a prior JetBackup recovery point. This process ensures that your data remains intact and reduces the risk of data loss from malware infections.

This change has been rolled out to the infrastructure following rigorous testing on around 30% of the fleet. The introduction is non-disruptive - this notification is merely informative.

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October 23rd 2023

At Brixly, our unwavering commitment has always been to deliver unparalleled service and innovation in the hosting industry. We take immense pride in the milestones we've achieved and the trust you've placed in us. Over the past 12 months, we've introduced several enhancements:

  • Enhanced DDoS Protection: Partnering with Voxility to ensure your sites remain secure and resilient against malicious attacks.

  • VPS and Cloud Server Upgrades: We've revamped our infrastructure and platform to provide even more robust and efficient services.

  • Dedicated Servers Overhaul: A comprehensive upgrade to ensure peak performance and reliability.

  • Introduction of Redis on cPanel: To optimize application performance and speed up data access.

  • Improved SPAM Protection: We have scaled our SPAM protection solution significantly with the introduction of SpamExperts

  • Improved Backup Performance: Faster, more reliable backups

  • Scaled Cloud Infrastructure: Our cloud environment which was rolled out for all UK clients has doubled in size, with an overall storage capacity of almost 750TB, an incredible 1,550 CPU Cores, and 12TB of RAM!

We take immense pride in these advancements and the trust you've placed in us.

However, the landscape of our industry is evolving. The costs associated with hardware, power, and licensing continue to rise, and these are challenges we cannot overlook. A significant portion of this challenge lies with our cPanel-based Reseller plans. The surge in licensing costs means that as much as 50% of our expenses for these plans are directed toward cPanel licensing alone. This leaves a very marginal markup to cover essential operational costs such as support staff, infrastructure, and other overheads. The tight financial constraints limit our flexibility and hinder our ability to reinvest and innovate.

While we've consistently endeavored to absorb these escalating expenses, the current magnitude of these increases necessitates a reevaluation of our pricing structure.

The adjustment, in most cases, is even less than Β£0.10 per hosted user. This figure represents the largest increase. We've structured these changes so that you can affordably absorb the increase per user. Alternatively, if you choose to adjust your pricing, it can be done with minimal impact.

Our aim is to navigate the rising operational costs without compromising on quality, while also considering the financial implications for our valued clients.

We believe that these adjustments, although modest, are essential for our sustained growth and the realization of our ambitious plans for the future. We remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible and exceeding your expectations at every turn.

Key Changes to Note:

  • Effective immediately, the revised pricing will be updated on our website. For new orders, the updated prices will be applicable immediately from this date.

  • For our existing valued clients, any invoices generated after 1st January 2024 will reflect the updated prices. Any changes or upgrades made, however, will be applicable based on the new pricing structure.

  • Clients with annual subscriptions will retain the benefit of the existing pricing until their next renewal, with no pro-rata charges for the remaining period.

Please note, that there are no changes to the pricing of the following products...

  • Shared Hosting - Infinity / Infinity+

  • Premium Hosting

  • cPanel Reseller - Entry / Pro 50

  • DirectAdmin Reseller - Entry

  • Cloud Servers / Dedicated Servers / VPS

The changes in pricing can be found below...

Please note all pricing would be subject to VAT, where applicable.

Your understanding and continued partnership mean the world to us. Should you have any queries or need further clarification on these changes, our sales and billing team is at your service. Please reach out to them at

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