Price Change

Due to an increase in costs by our upstream registrars, we have now updated our .com domain name pricing.

The new pricing for .com domains is now £10.29

For resellers who receive a 10% discount on all domain pricing, will continue to receive the 10% discount moving forward but on the new pricing. As such, you may need to forward those cost increases on to your own clients.

The changes will take place immediately for any domains that don't have an existing invoice raised.

August 4th 2022


We are no longer accepting new orders in the Singapore location due to a temporary problem with stock.

August 1st 2022


We are currently relocating our office, and as such our telephone lines are currently unavailable.

The move should be complete by 1st August, at which point our telephone service will be resumed.

July 22nd 2022


We have made some minor changes to the user interface of our Affiliates page.

However, in addition we have added a number of designs / banners for you to use to improve your affiliate marketing!

These are available immediately from within our client area...

June 29th 2022


Feature Request


I just wanted to reach out to you as we have some exciting news relating to a product we have just launched!

I appreciate the following is a little lengthy, so apologies in advance! I would really appreciate it if you could spare me just 5 minutes to have a full read-through, as I think this may be of interest.

We have recently launched a Premium Reseller 💎 service, which was an idea/concept originally discussed through our feedback/feature request portal, and has been in the development and planning stages for close to a year now (a long time, right?!)

In fact, irony has it that our NVMe cloud platform (where your sites are hosted currently) was originally built for this exact product all those moons ago!

The honest truth, though, was that the improvements to the infrastructure were so significant that it only seemed fair (although, commercially, slightly crazy!) to introduce those benefits to every single existing client - it's for that reason we introduced the cloud infrastructure rollout to all clients some time back. We also chose to do so without an increase in cost.

Of course, this introduced a new challenge! If we were improving the infrastructure for everyone, how do we, as a business, segment a 'Premium' offering from the rest of our range of services?

We spent many, many months speaking to clients and listening to feedback. The path became very clear - our Premium Reseller wasn't to be based on a 'Premium Infrastructure', but instead to provide a core focus on service and a solution that builds long term, solid partnerships.

As such, our Premium Reseller hosting introduces the following key benefits...

4 Cores / 4GB RAM per account

Let's face it - the resource limits for our Reseller Pro plans are already far higher than the industry standard. However, our Premium Reseller solution will offer double the resources on each and every account.

Currently, the sites not hitting their limits won't see much of a 'performance' gain. But for those 'heavier' sites, you have significantly more breathing room to ensure things run smoothly.

For agencies that specialise in e-commerce, this sets us worlds apart from any other provider on the market.

6x Daily Backups

Our existing Pro plans include daily backups as standard and always will.

However, we realise that there are certain scenarios where disaster recovery from 24 hours prior can be crucial. Especially for e-commerce or transactional sites/applications.

For this reason, our Premium Reseller plan will introduce backups not once daily but backups six times a day.

In addition, you will be able to create on-demand 'snapshots' of an account, which is ideal, for example, before working on some significant changes to a site / running updates, etc.

Free WHMCS Licence

We have decided to throw in a WHMCS Starter licence completely free.

If you don't know what WHMCS is just yet, it's basically a billing system, client area and full-featured automation system that allows you to run your hosting business on auto-pilot.

It's suitable for development/web agencies too!

PCI Compliance

The Premium Reseller plans come with full support concerning PCI compliance scans and reports, which is a requirement in some cases when accepting payments online (especially for those e-commerce clients!).

Priority Support

Any Brixly account holder with an active Reseller Premium account will have automatic and direct access to 'Premium Support'.

Essentially, all tickets raised to our support team will be marked as 'urgent' and will be handled ahead of the support queue.

In addition, tickets flagged with this priority will be handled directly by our Senior Support staff and, in many cases, will skip our front-line support entirely.

Exclusive Telephone Support

I will be honest here - the thought of telephone support has always been terrifying and has always been something we wanted to avoid! There is a good reason for this, however.

The truth is, our team is efficient - very efficient, and part of that boils down to the way in which support is handled. Our ticket system has been heavily tweaked and refined over the years, improving our response times significantly. Our growth has only aided our response times and support quality rather than having an adverse effect. In our opinion, quite the achievement!

In short, we can answer 10 tickets in the time it can take to deal with a single telephone support call! Our support desk gets very busy (we deal with around 150 tickets daily), so the key to our success has been efficiency.

However, there are indeed certain scenarios where it helps just to speak. It can sometimes be easier to explain an issue in a quick 5-minute call than to bounce back and forth endlessly by email.

For this reason, we have decided to introduce exclusive Telephone Support with our Premium Reseller plans!

To take it a step further, we have built and developed in-house an automated telephone service that authenticates your account right before you get through to an engineer. This is done with a unique, 4-digit PIN which is available within your account.

Live Chat Support

Our chat has always been provided exclusively through our support ticket system for very similar reasons to the above.

However, Premium Resellers will have the opportunity to reach out via chat for non-urgent support related questions and queries.

Customer Success Manager 🤩

One of the most exciting perks of the service!

As a Premium Reseller, you will be automatically assigned a Success Manager, who will remain your point of contact during your time with us.

Once you are signed up, one of our account managers will reach out by message. They will be there to ensure you are onboarded to the service as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

It doesn't stop there - between them, our Success Managers have gathered an overwhelming wealth of experience over the years, not only from a technical perspective but in almost all areas of the hosting industry.

If you are uncertain of something at any point, or you just fancy a chat, you can reach out to your Success Manager directly via chat or by booking a one-on-one conference call/meeting.

Whilst not directly responsible for technical support, our Success Managers can liaise with the support team regarding any particular snags or issues you have along the way too!

Less Contended Servers

You're getting close to the end, I promise!

Our Premium Reseller servers are entirely separate from our existing 'shared' servers and will host, at maximum, only 6 or so resellers at any one point.

This means you get significantly less-contended servers without the complexity or expense of a VPS or dedicated server.

An ideal alternative upgrade to a VPS

Let's face it, cPanel licences are expensive (and increasingly so each January!) and frankly, managing a VPS, cloud server, or dedicated server is complex!

You need to take into account backups, backup software, off-site backup storage, management plans, scalability, and any additional licences required, such as Cloudlinux, Softaculous, etc.

The Premium Reseller product has been designed as the ultimate middle-ground between a shared platform and a more dedicated environment. Its power and reliability, without the complexity.

Did I mention that it also works out significantly cheaper than a VPS or dedicated server?!

So, how about pricing?!

OK, so here is the good news. The Premium Reseller plan comes in just one simple plan...

Premium Reseller - just £89.95/mo

The plan is auto-scaling based on the number of cPanel accounts you host within the reseller, up to a maximum of 250 accounts.

The first 50 cPanel accounts are included.

However, any additional cPanel account beyond the first 50 would be charged at just £0.50 per account.

If the Premium Reseller plan is something you are interested in discussing as the next step for your business, feel free to reach out via the live chat on our website ( where we would be more than happy to help clarify any questions you may have.

No obligation, of course. However, we can arrange a quick call (if preferred) to discuss the product, just to check if the solution is the right fit for you and your business.

For now, thank you so much for your patience in reading through this, and I look forward to speaking with you very soon!

Warmest regards,

Dennis Nind - Brixly

June 20th 2022



We have made some small alterations to the 'Domain Diagnosis' tool in our Central Manager.

  • Removed the Malware Scan option, as domains are now protected in 'real-time' via Imunify360

  • Improved 'verbose' when MX / Mail related issues were found, with additional steps to resolve such issues

  • Minor improvements to the diagnosis UI

June 20th 2022

Price Change

Some of our Reseller Pro plans were removed from public availability, however, some clients were left on legacy plans.

However, the time has come when the services need to be brought back in line with our public offering so that we can permanently remove any legacy plans and products from our systems.

As such, if you have a service on the Pro 75 or Pro 200 plans, please note the recurring price of your service may have changed.

The plan will be adjusted to the 'most suitable', based on the number of active accounts. In some cases, this will be a downgrade to a lower tier, and in some other cases, to a higher tier.

June 9th 2022


Feature Request


As a reseller, it is now possible to change the username, domain or bandwidth/storage quota for a particular user.

To change an account's quota, or change an account's bandwidth limit select the 'Manage Account' option from our Central Manager...

From here, you can make the changes via the screen below...

May 3rd 2022



We have now updated our client area so that you are able to check for IP address blocks and whitelist IP addresses...

The option for the newly revamped interface can be found in the Security -> Firewall Manager

April 28th 2022



Feature Request


As a business that thrives on setting a standard nothing less than exceptional, we are introducing an upgrade to our security solution by implementing Imunify360. This brings a wealth of benefits and improvements to your hosting service, completely free of charge.

Cloudlinux has been a long-standing partner of ours – the developers of the most robust operating system available for the shared hosting industry. A number of years back Imunify360 was launched to market, however rigorous testing in the earlier stages proved our pre-existing solution, BitNinja to be superior in a number of areas.

However, these last few years have allowed us time to watch the Imunify360 product mature at an incredible pace. So much so, we are confident in its ability to not only ‘match’ the functionality we have been provided by BitNinja, but also to improve some key areas of our platforms' security, reputation and reliability.

The benefits of the change are outlined below along with a comparison between the two solutions. The core introductions would be improved security, stability, and protection for WordPress and other CMS based sites and a drastically reduced false-positive rate on WAF protection and malware detection. In addition, reduced ‘complexities’ surrounding SSL termination, WAF management and malware scanning – not to mention the welcome introduction of ‘malware cleanup’ as opposed to the existing ‘quarantine / removal’ process.

We have already been running Imunify360 in place of BitNinja on a number of servers spanning the past few months, and have so far received no interruption to service, and nothing but an improvement in RBL status, performance and security – we are incredibly pleased to confirm that we have yet to receive a single support ticket relating to the change, which is particularly indicative of a fantastic solution. Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to reach out to our support team for assistance.

Today, we are happy to announce that we have officially formed a partnership with the team at Imunify360 and will be beginning a more definitive rollout phase of the product to replace our existing security solution.

We have added a page to our website that outlines the benefits of the introduction here...

Cloudlinux OS Developers

Imunify360 has been built by the endlessly reliable and intuitive team at Cloudlinux – our operating system of choice which powers our entire fleet. Cloudlinux has developed an incredibly robust security platform in Imunify360.

Reduced False-Positives

With Imunify360 we will be introducing CMS and application-specific WAF rules, as opposed to ‘generic’ rules that should apply to any site or application. This introduces a more granular application of security rules to your sites.

Clean-Up of Malware

One of Imunify360’s most powerful features – files which are detected to contain malware are now automatically cleaned, removing the injected code rather than the file simply being ‘quarantined’.

Improved Performance

Malware consumes resources – lots of resources! With the improved malware protection, real-time scanning and auto-cleanup facilities, the resources previously consumed by malware would be available for your sites.

Zero-Day Exploit Protection

Imunify360 implements a unique solution to zero-day exploits and attacks called ‘Proactive Defence’, which stops PHP execution of malicious or suspicious activity in its tracks.

Fully Inclusive Protection

No hidden costs and no per-client pricing – Imunify360 is a server-level protection facility that provides extensive and granular protection for all of your clients, completely free of charge.

Why the Change from BitNinja?

Before we go into any technical details of the new service, let us introduce to you the reasons we decided to make the change.

For those of you who may not be familiar with our hosting platform, we have been using BitNinja to protect our servers for the past two years. BitNinja is an integrated set of modules, each of which provides protection against particular services or attack vectors.

We have seen fantastic success in its implementation, and have since seen fantastic results in its ability to provide protection to over 150,000 sites across our network. BitNinja’s primary facility is its IP reputation, which prevents access from malicious traffic based on a ‘greylist’ / ‘whitelist’ process, intelligently gathered from thousands of other users of the BitNinja suite.

BitNinja has protected us from countless potential exploits, unwanted bot traffic and malicious attacks. In addition, server load was reduced as part of its introduction, which was possible due to its extensive IP protection capabilities.

This without a doubt will raise the question of ‘why change?‘'

It’s our responsibility as a hosting provider to ensure that we don’t just ‘settle’ for a solution that works, but to ensure that we are at the forefront of any emerging technologies, and likewise, any threats that impose risks to our clients, or the servers for where our client's websites are located. As such, whilst any solution seems ‘adequate’ at fulfilling its role, we are always on the lookout for ways to improve service, protection, security or performance – even if a potential change comes at an expense.

We have looked at the Imunify360 product since its infancy, carrying out tests since its very first ‘beta’ release. However, we had always found the performance of BitNinja unmatched. From a ‘cosmetic’ point of view, Imunify360 had this nailed since day one, making a beautiful, intuitive and powerful UI to control servers underlying security – however, the performance impacts were always a real concern.

In the past 12 months or so, we have seen continual and very significant performance improvements to the Imunify360 solution, which are now in our opinion ‘parallel’ with the BitNinja solution we have come to love over the years.

More importantly, however, is that we have seen both businesses grow and adapt to changes in the industry in very different ways.

Imunify360 has been at the forefront of developing new ways to protect against ever complexing ‘0-day’ attacks, outbound attack prevention and a vastly improved malware detection and clean-up facility, whilst BitNinja appears to have taken a more ‘commercial’ turn with the recent introduction of ‘Site Protection’ – a paid facility that provides an additional layer of protection to those willing to pay for direct support from their team. Whilst an innovative concept, this wasn’t something I felt particularly comfortable with and would have instead preferred to see some drive behind the core security features of the underlying protection facility.

Its here, where we have seen Imunify360 surpass the underlying capabilities of BitNinja – something which has excelled over the past 6 months or so, and is the reason we believe Imunify360 is our solid choice moving forward.

We have been testing Imunify360 on a fleet of around 15-20 servers spanning the past few months and have been overwhelmed with the results.

We will continue to hold and maintain a strong relationship with the team at BitNinja and will be ever thankful for the fantastic solution, support and commitment we have received so far. We will also continue to offer BitNinja on VPS servers and Dedicated Servers if required.

What about Site Protection?

If you are currently making use of Site Protection, you may have a paid subscription with BitNinja directly, as opposed to ourselves. However, as we are removing the BitNInja solution, we would be happy to add funds to your Brixly account equating to your most recent bill / invoice with BitNinja specifically for the Site Protection solution.

How will this affect me?

In all honesty, you likely won't even notice the change (as mentioned above, Imunify360 has been running on a number of servers already, and so far we have received no interruption at all).

However, the benefits long term would be a more robust, secure home for your websites including the benefits outlined above.

We are already making changes to our client area that would allow you to manage IP address whitelists and malware reporting / monitoring as before.

April 25th 2022

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