February 6th 2024



Premium 'Agency' plan, now 'Platinum'

We're excited to announce an update to our Premium Hosting offerings designed to enhance clarity and ensure our clients can quickly identify the perfect hosting solution for their needs.

What's Changing?

Our premium hosting 'Agency' plan is now renamed to 'Platinum'. This change is part of our ongoing commitment to provide clear and straightforward services to our clients.

Why the Change?

We noticed that the name 'Agency' could potentially cause confusion with our premium reseller plans. To avoid this and to make our hosting plans more intuitive, we decided a new name was in order.

Introducing 'Platinum'

The 'Platinum' plan retains all the robust features and capabilities of the former 'Agency' plan, ensuring that our clients continue to enjoy the same high-quality service they expect from Brixly.

No Action Required

For our current 'Agency' plan clients, rest assured that this is only a change in name. Your hosting plan's features, pricing, and the exceptional support you receive from us remain unchanged.