January 22nd 2024



Revolutionizing Customer Support: Introducing AI-Powered Assistance

We're excited to announce significant enhancements to our customer support system, a move aimed at revolutionizing the way we handle support tickets and deliver assistance to our valued clients.

Background: Evolving from a Knowledge-Based Approach

Previously, our support system was structured around a comprehensive array of 'support topics'. Each topic, upon selection, would offer relevant information and key articles from our knowledge base. This design was intended to encourage self-help and reduce the volume of repetitive queries. However, we noticed an unexpected trend: many of these categories were underutilized, leading to a gap in the self-guidance experience we envisioned for our clients.

Introducing AI-Driven Support

To address this and enhance our support system, we've made some pivotal changes:

  1. Refined Topic Selection: We've streamlined the number of topics, focusing on those most relevant and frequently used by our clients. This makes finding the right help faster and more intuitive.

  2. AI-Powered Assistance: The most exciting development is the integration of our proprietary artificial intelligence technology. This AI system comprehensively understands our entire knowledge base and is capable of providing customized, immediate responses to client inquiries.

    • Instant Assistance: The AI system offers on-the-spot help for a wide range of queries, dramatically improving response times.

    • Self-Resolution Capability: Since its recent implementation, we've observed an impressive number of support issues being resolved without the need for further agent intervention – a testament to the AI's effectiveness.

    • Context-Aware Capabilities: The AI has been developed to understand the selected domain, or service to ensure the responses provided are as accurate as possible. This includes knowing the difference between a DirectAdmin service, and a cPanel service to ensure the response is tailored accordingly.

Your Role in Enhancing AI Support

While our AI represents a significant leap forward, the quality of its assistance depends on the details provided in your queries:

  • Detailed Tickets: The more specific and detailed your ticket, the more accurate and helpful the AI's response will be.

  • Continuous Learning: Although our AI shows a high success rate, it's important to remember that it may not resolve every query. However, each interaction helps it learn and improve.

AI Demonstration

We have created a quick demo of the AI in action below...


Providing Feedback

If you have any feedback regarding the newly introduced AI-First Assistance, then feel free to let us know through a support ticket. Alternatively, you can post suggestions or feedback on our dedicated feedback portal, by going to 'Feature Requests' in the left-hand menu of our client area.

Looking Ahead: Ongoing Refinement and Industry Leadership

We're committed to continuously refining this AI-driven support system to further enhance your experience. Our goal is to stay at the forefront of the hosting industry, leading the way in AI-first, immediate response systems for a broad range of client issues and queries.

Stay tuned for more updates as we further improve our services. Your feedback is invaluable to us in this journey of innovation and customer service excellence.

Thank you for being a part of our community!

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