October 24th 2023

Imunify360 and JetBackup Integration

We are pleased to inform our valued cPanel clients that we have enhanced our malware protection processes. While we have always offered Imunify360 for top-notch security and JetBackup for reliable backups, we've now integrated these solutions to work in tandem for an even more robust malware protection strategy.


  • Enhanced Malware Cleanup Process:

    • Previous Behavior: In the event of malware detection on our cPanel servers, Imunify360 would attempt to clean the infected file. If the cleanup was unsuccessful, the file would be removed.

    • New Behavior: With the recent integration, if any files are detected as infected on our cPanel servers, they will now be automatically restored from a prior JetBackup recovery point. This process ensures that your data remains intact and reduces the risk of data loss from malware infections.

This change has been rolled out to the infrastructure following rigorous testing on around 30% of the fleet. The introduction is non-disruptive - this notification is merely informative.