January 10th 2024



Exciting Update on Domain Diagnostics Functionality!

We are thrilled to announce a comprehensive overhaul of our 'Domain Diagnostics' feature, now accessible through the Brixly Central Manager in the client area. Our focus on innovation and customer convenience has led to this significant upgrade, aiming to enhance your experience and efficiency.

What's New?

  1. Automated Pre-Diagnosis Checks: Whenever you raise a support ticket, our system now performs an automated pre-diagnosis on your selected domain. This proactive approach allows you to identify potential issues or errors quickly, reducing wait times for support responses.

  2. Enhanced Ticket Support: Details from the automated checks are automatically attached to your ticket, providing our support team with immediate, comprehensive insights to assist you more effectively.

  3. In-Depth Diagnostics: The revamp enables thorough diagnostics across multiple aspects of your domain, ensuring a more robust and detailed analysis. The key areas include:

    • DNS Checks: Verifying nameserver configurations and ensuring your domain points to the correct IP address.

    • Mail Configuration: Assessing Email Routing, MX Records, SPF records, and more for optimal email functionality.

    • SSL Certificate Verification: Checking for a valid SSL certificate and verifying HTTP to HTTPS redirection.

    • Suspension Status: Providing information on account suspension status and reasons, if any.

    • WHOIS Data Analysis: Conducting WHOIS lookups to gather detailed domain registration data, including expiry dates and domain status.

    • Response Code Verification: Ensuring your site returns a correct 200 response code upon access.

    • Malware Status Check: Examining the account's automated cleanup history and detailing detected and cleaned files.

    • Disk Quota Monitoring: Checking if the account adheres to storage limits.

    • Resource Usage Assessment: Evaluating LVE/resource limits and identifying timestamps of any faults.

    • PHP Version Insights: Providing information on current PHP settings, including the version and other configurations.

    • Litespeed Cache Analysis: Determining the presence and functionality of Litespeed Cache on your site, including cache hits.

We believe these enhancements will significantly improve your ability to manage and diagnose domain-related issues swiftly and efficiently.

Get Started Now!

Log in to your Brixly client area and explore the revamped 'Domain Diagnostics' feature today. Experience the power of advanced diagnostics at your fingertips!

For any questions or assistance, our support team is always here to help.