January 11th 2024

Enhancements to Our Support Textarea / Editor

We are excited to announce several significant updates to our support system, aimed at enhancing user experience and efficiency. These changes are now live and available for all clients.

  1. Introduction of Summernote Editor: We have replaced the TinyMCE Editor with Summernote, a more advanced and open-source editor. This change is designed to provide a smoother and more intuitive editing experience for our clients when using our support system.

  2. Enhanced File and Image Handling: In a major upgrade to our file management capabilities, any files or images uploaded or pasted into the Summernote Editor are now automatically uploaded to secure storage located in London. This integration ensures a seamless display of media within the editor, enhancing the overall user interaction.

  3. Improved Media Upload Process: Previously, adding media to our support system involved using an 'add media' button that uploaded content to a third-party service. Our new system not only simplifies this process but also enhances security and control over the uploaded media. Its also now possible to 'paste' images or screenshots directly into the editor!

  4. Upgraded Client Response Feature: We have also revamped the client response section on ticket pages. Where clients previously had to reply using a plain text box, they can now enjoy the full functionality of the Summernote Editor. This enhancement allows for a richer text format and a more expressive way of communication.

  5. Expanded File Attachment Support: Addressing client feedback, we have expanded the types of file extensions that can be securely attached to tickets. Clients can now upload a wider variety of files, including ZIP archives, without the previous restrictions. This change is aimed at providing greater flexibility and convenience in sharing necessary files.

  6. New Features in the Editor: We have integrated links to loom.com directly within the editor for enhanced video communication. Additionally, a new 'code' button has been added, enabling the insertion of 'pre' tags into the content. This feature is particularly useful for clients who need to share code snippets or technical information.

We believe these updates will significantly improve the functionality and user experience of our support system. We encourage all clients to explore these new features and provide feedback for continuous improvement.

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