Feature Request


Want to schedule your clients' migrations late at night, or during the weekend? This is now possible using our Migration Center!

First, select the accounts you wish to migrate / schedule using the usual interface. Whilst you are still able to initiate a migration immediately, the new option 'Schedule Migration' will now present the following screen...

Once the date and time have been selected, click 'Schedule Migration' - that's it!

The migration will now show as queued in the Migration Center, along with details of the schedule. In addition, you are able to cancel the migration from the queue if you need to make any changes!

Once the migration completes, you will be able to view the full logs of the migration!

We hope you love the new functionality as much as we do!

Did you know? You are able to migrate your entire reseller account from your existing provider in one go?!

About 1 year ago