Our Migration Centre is one of our most loved assets, and it's just got even better!

Performance Changes:

We have added some essential changes to the database structure behind the Migration Centre, including some indexing which has significantly improved the loading speed of the interface.

Pagination and Search:

We have now improved the UI of the migrations overview, which now shows the previous migration attempts in a much more 'logical' structure.

We understand that some resellers use our Migration Center every day, and previously the migrations were displayed in a single list.

We have now added pagination and searching to the grid...


We have changed the icons that were displayed in the list / grid.

Improved Logs with Error Highlighting:

It's now possible to view the logs for your migration without leaving the page! We instead now show a modal window with your logs displayed clearly, and with highlighting to indicate any errors...

Improved Email Migration Process:

We have given our Email Migration a much needed overhaul, with some improvements to the UI and its core functionality.

When you select to 'Begin Migration', you will now be provided a prompt / modal that tests the connection to the old and new email servers...

It's now also possible to see the Source and Destination details within the initial migration list...

The 'View Logs' option also highlights any issues or errors during the sync process...

Resync Migration:

This much requested feature is now finally available!

If you have migrated your emails using our migration center from your old provider, to your new provider, you will now have an option to 'Resync' the emails at a later date rather than having to go through the migration process again...

You will be given a prompt with some additional information before you can proceed...

We hope you love the changes as much as we do! We look forward to bringing you more exciting changes and updates in the near future!

October 14th 2022