Implement Directadmin Pro Pack

DA provides propack free of cost in all license. Please implement it as soon as possible.

Features Included with Pro pack-

  • Python/Java/Ruby/Perl/NodeJS support with the use of Nginx Unit

  • Per-User Redis manager

  • Additional features for Nginx (automatic CMS templates, WordPress+FastCGI cache support)

  • Ability to throttle resources per-user (CPU/RAM/IO etc.)

  • Admin SSL (SSL administration, ability to use cross-user wildcard certs, replace expired certs with Let's Encrypt)

  • More advanced Email Track&Trace, Email Summary

  • Web Terminal

  • GIT manager

  • ClamAV scanner for filesystem scans

  • WordPress manager

  • IMAP sync for Email synchronization

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Over 1 year ago


VIKAS verma

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