March 3rd 2023



Improved Incident Reporting / Updates

Yesterday, we faced many support tickets due to an issue with the MailChannels SMTP relay. This affected all outbound emails from our servers, causing delays in mail delivery.

Support is understandably bombarded when an incident of this scale occurs, even when it's outside our control. This heavily impacts not only our ability to respond quickly via support but also takes our attention away from the incident itself, adversely affecting communication and resolution of the issue.

As such, we have since been working on a simple but effective way of improving communications during such incidents - whilst rare, we want to ensure that not only are you able to see updates as frequently as we have them available but also see them at a point before opening a ticket.

We do, wherever possible, update our status page; however, in scenarios like yesterday, it wasn't feasible for us to provide updates as frequently as we would like due to the many received tickets regarding the matter.

Moving forward, we will post incidents to the support system, which will show similar to the following...

The colour of the notice will change depending on the incident type...

Additionally, we will continue to post about the incident until the matter is resolved. Once resolved entirely, the notification will then be removed.

Of course, you can still reach out to the support team as usual. However, we feel it's essential to present this information to you before you reach out.

The incident system will typically only be used for issues of significance, such as the one which took place yesterday. These would generally be outages lasting longer than 15 minutes or something that has a widespread impact.

We will not post incidents for minor window outages, as these are automatically indicated at the top of the support page (and in real-time on our status page) here...

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