March 16th 2023


Directory Indexing Disabled by Default

We are pleased to announce an important security update for our cPanel servers. As part of our ongoing efforts to provide a secure hosting environment for our clients, we have now disabled directory indexing by default for all cPanel servers.

Benefits of Disabling Directory Indexing:

  1. Enhanced Security: Disabling directory indexing prevents unauthorized users from browsing your site's file structure and gaining access to sensitive information. This measure adds an extra layer of security, making it more difficult for attackers to exploit your website.

  2. Privacy Protection: When directory indexing is enabled, visitors can view a list of files and folders within a directory that does not contain an index file (e.g., index.html or index.php). Disabling directory indexing protects the privacy of your website's content and file structure by preventing unintended access to files that are not meant for public viewing.

  3. Professionalism: Disabling directory indexing ensures that visitors are only able to access the web pages you have specifically published, giving your website a more professional appearance.

Why We Have Disabled Directory Indexing:

We have taken this proactive step to disable directory indexing by default as part of our commitment to maintaining a secure hosting environment for our clients. Security is our top priority, and we believe this measure will help protect your websites from potential vulnerabilities and safeguard your sensitive information.

For clients who require directory indexing to be enabled for specific use cases, you can still enable it on a per-directory basis within your cPanel account. However, we recommend carefully considering the potential security implications before doing so.

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