October 10th 2022

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Brixly Workspace - Now available for Resellers!

Since the Brixly Workspace product was released, the solution was controlled via our client area which limited the ability to allow resellers to sell the Workspace range of products.

Due to popular demand through our feedback portal, we have been working on making our Brixly Workspace product more 'self-contained', so that control panel access could be provided to end users directly.

We have now done this, by implementing some key changes and introductions to the cPanel interface for the accounts created through Workspace.

The first notable change is the fact that the end users will now be able to access the cPanel account directly.

On the right-hand column, we have also added some key details, such as connection information and DNS requirements so that these are visible to the end user of the service.

We have now also added the range of Workspace products to our Elite module, allowing you to resell the services directly to your clients via WHMCS.

All purchases via the Elite module / API will automatically include a 30% reseller discount.

For more information on our Elite module, see the following article...


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