September 15th 2023

Brixly Partners with Voxility for Enhanced DDoS Protection

We are excited to announce that Brixly has partnered with Voxility, a global leader in DDoS protection solutions. This partnership significantly enhances our security capabilities, ensuring that our UK infrastructure is more secure than ever before.

As part of our commitment to continually improving our services, we introduced Voxility as an additional layer of protection approximately a month ago. Since then, we have successfully filtered without interruption approximately 850 small to large-scale DDoS attacks against our clients and our network. This has all been achieved with zero impact on the performance or uptime of our clients' services.

Before this partnership, our Corero hardware firewalls provided approximately 500Gbps of DDoS protection. With the addition of Voxility, we have increased our DDoS protection capacity to an impressive 3.5Tbps!

Voxility brings several key benefits to our security suite. It offers faster mitigation times, ensuring that any potential DDoS attacks are dealt with swiftly. It also offers low latency, which means your services will continue to run smoothly, even during an attack.

Best of all, this enhanced protection comes at no additional cost to our clients. All customers using our UK infrastructure will automatically benefit from this upgrade. We believe that top-tier security should be a standard part of our service, not an optional extra.

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