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Hi team Brixly,Recently there was an outage on one of the servers for about 8 hours or so, quite severe I would say. Knowing for sure you guys were working as hard and fast as possible to get the server back up and running, I didn't want to disturb you through the helpdesk ticket system.On the same hand, I received more and more questions from my clients on why the server was down and when it would be up again. I felt empty-handed as I had nothing to work with, nothing to give them, nothing to share.So, after several hours I couldn't hold it any longer and did open a helpdesk ticket, feeling guilty about it. The first reply was giving me nothing -bummer-, but after a short while Dennis came in the air with some details. Great. This made me wonder if it wouldn't be beneficial for both Brixly as the resellers if the status page (e.g. https://status.brixly.uk/792205831 ) couldn't be populated with some details on the fly. The level of detail and the frequency could be scaled depending on the outage and progress, of course. This might take away some pressure from the helpdesk/ticket-system, whilst resellers have something to share with their clients. Sounds like a win-win to me.I know from a dutch hosting provider (TransIP) that they do something similar on any outage and it works great. They supply updates with quite a level of detail every 30 or 60 minutes or so, depending on the progress, including an estimation where possible. Nothing to be hold against you, just best efforts as the issue is being tackled.Jusy my two cents,Mike

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