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Brixly White Label

Why won't these decisions benefit Brixly? Because it's not just a hosting company like everyone knows. Brixly's main clients are resellers. By hindering resellers from doing business, Brixly will sooner or later create a new competitor with even better tools. I see that many here have complained about this, but obviously they don't want to do anything about it. There are no technical reasons. Everywhere on Google, links lead to them and more. That's why their monitoring service and documentation are the reasons.1. All users can find brixly.uk in SpamExperts destination addresses. Every user who opens the SpamExperts page sees this. Some providers also uses this, does not show main domain like you. Also I looked into spamexperts, it's very easy to do, but you don't want to.2. In Google you can find a large number of links from hostns to Brixly, directly. Other big resellers doesn't do this. There are plenty of other server monitoring solutions. That's no reason to hinder your clients' work, or you can to change your business model (stop focusing on resellers).3. Sitepreview link http://brixlymonitoring.uniform.mysitepreview.co.uk/. Dennis answers very vaguely. Why can other providers do this, but not you?4. A normal user knows what nslookup (or ptr) is. It’s worth checking the IP address and typing it into Google, and your site is immediately accessible by the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd linkIt seems to me that you don’t want to admit that this is beneficial to you.And you don't want to make the service truly WhiteLabel.Delete a mention of whitelabel from the official website. That would be fair.But it must be admitted, they have one of the best supports I've encountered.

Vugar Ramazanov 3 months ago