Important - Upcoming Pricing Adjustments

Important - Upcoming Pricing AdjustmentsAs a business, we have always strived to bring an incomparable level of service and passion to the hosting industry - a goal we feel we have succeeded in time after time.With ever-growing costs around supplies of hardware, power/electricity, and drastically increased licencing charges across the board, a time regretfully has come that we feel it's mandatory to introduce price revisions to some of our products and services. Whilst historically we have absorbed almost all additional expense, the latest increase in hardware and power really are significant - so much so, that commercially it isn’t viable to just ignore these changes, and it, unfortunately, limits what we are able to reinvest into the business.Introducing such changes, although not huge, will make a significant impact on our ability to reinvest, grow and further develop the business over the next few years. We have some incredibly exciting plans moving forward, and we will continue to deliver beyond all expectations.The pricing changes will take place on our website with immediate effect. With regards to ‘new orders’, those price changes will be effective immediately from this date onwards.For existing orders and services, we will be undergoing a process to align clients onto the correct service/plan for their requirements, which will include in some cases, an increase to the renewal price of their service. For existing clients, any invoices raised after the 1st of October 2022 will reflect the new prices. Any invoices, including upgrades or term changes prior to this date, will be charged based on the existing pricing structure. Please note, that no price changes will be taking place on the following services…Shared cPanel - InfinityDirectAdmin - Reseller EntryPremium HostingPremium ResellerVPS / Cloud ServersIn addition, anyone on an annual subscription will not be charged pro-rata for the remaining period, and therefore would benefit from the existing pricing until renewal. If you have any questions surrounding the upcoming pricing revisions, feel free to reach out to our sales and billing team directly on support@brixly.uk, where we would be happy to help clarify any concerns. 

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